Kim K’s Weight Loss Scam Exposed

Kim K Weight Loss Reddit Post Revealed

When Kim Kardashian shared a video of her DEXA scan on Instagram, eagle-eyed fans noticed a discrepancy in her health readout. According to her body scan, the reality star has a bone density that would put her in athlete category. But there are a few reasons that’s not quite right.

2. She’s a liar

Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest liars on the planet and she’s always trying to sell her story of being an underdog. She’s not a great athlete but she claims to be, and that’s how she gets people to buy into her weight loss scam.

During a recent episode of her show, Kim documented how she had to jump through hoops to quickly lose weight for the Met Gala. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star claimed that she had to lose 16 pounds in three weeks so she could fit into Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress for the event.

This caused a lot of controversy, with many people criticizing her for promoting unhealthy weight loss methods. One such person was actress Lili Reinhart, who slammed Kim for her extreme dieting techniques. She said that it’s “disgusting” for Kardashian to say that she had to go so far to get into a dress. She also argued that it’s unrealistic for her to think she can maintain such a thin body with regular exercise alone.

3. She’s a shill

As if it wasn’t already suspicious enough that Kim Kardashian claimed to be an athlete just to fit into her Marilyn Monroe dress, eagle-eyed fans noticed an odd discrepancy in her weight readouts. A screengrab of Kim’s medial chart was reposted to a Reddit board that’s dedicated to the reality TV star, and it shows a significant difference in her total mass readings.

If she’s losing this much weight, then it can be safely assumed that her svelte new body was built in the surgical room, not in the gym. Considering how lazy the “hard worker” Kardashian is, this should come as no surprise to anyone.

4. She’s a fraud

One of the biggest lies about Kim K’s weight loss is that she lost it through diet and exercise. Obviously, she didn’t get to her goal weight naturally. There’s a good chance that she had some sort of surgery to help her lose the weight. This would explain why her “before” photos show that she was chubby and her after photos show that she’s pretty thin. Even if she did spend all day in the gym working out, her body wouldn’t be this lean if it wasn’t for the help of a doctor’s scalpel.

So next time someone tries to sell you on Kim Kardashian’s healthy lifestyle, remember that she’s probably a fraud.

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